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Friday, April 22, 2005
April 2005 issue of Mealey's California Section 17200 Report now available
The editor of Mealey's California Section 17200 Report asked me to announce that the April 2005 issue is now out. He graciously sent me a complimentary copy, and I can tell you it is chock full of Prop. 64 information (the lion's share of which will already be familiar to regular readers of this blog).
Any word from the editor as to how the California Supreme Court's descision (when they finally make one) regarding the retroactive application of Prop 34 will effect the report? it seems that the new report is a bit premature given the fact that this issue has not yet been determined
Mealey's California Section 17200 Report is a monthly publication that covers all developments relating to the UCL, not just Prop. 64. It has existed for some time, certainly before Prop. 64 passed in November.
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