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Thursday, August 26, 2004
New hope for a legislative compromise on the UCL?
Today's Recorder reports on the election Tuesday of Don Perata (D-Oakland) as senate president pro tem. The article quotes Oakland City Attorney John Russo as saying that Senator Perata is more likely to be able to push through a variety of legislative reforms, including UCL reforms, that would otherwise end up on the ballot. According to sources quoted in the article, Senator Perata, a non-lawyer, is considered slightly less progressive than his predecessor, Senator John Burton (D-San Francisco), or Senator Martha Escutia (D-Norwalk), whom he defeated for the president pro tem job.

Tuesday's Los Angeles Times reported on the "Last-Minute Push for a Bill to Undercut Prop. 64," saying that "[i]f an agreement is reached with environmental group leaders, the governor will presumably stay neutral on the ballot measure — or even campaign against it." Strangely, the article describes proposed legislative amendments that go far beyond the new amended version of SB 185, described in my post here.
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