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Wednesday, August 18, 2004
"Tort reform poll finds an unsympathetic electorate"
Thanks to the reader to wrote to alert me to this article in yesterday's Recorder. According to the article, a new poll shows that hardly anybody has heard of Proposition 64, the UCL "reform" initiative. That's bad news for its proponents. The article also says: "One possibility that could tip the scales in favor of Prop 64 would be Arnold Schwarzenegger's support. The governor, who is on record in favor of an end to 'shakedown lawsuits,' has so far avoided taking a stand on Prop 64 -- an omission hinting that a deal on some other 17200 reform could still be introduced through the Legislature before voters ever weigh in on Prop 64." (And yes, I was away on a very nice vacation. Over the next day or two I'll catch up my reporting on any new UCL-related decisions that came down while I was away.)
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