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Thursday, July 21, 2005
Lists updated to reflect recent developments; new unpublished Prop. 64 opinion
I've updated my list of Prop. 64 pending appeals and my list of Prop. 64 appellate opinions to reflect yesterday's developments.

Also, another new unpublished opinion, Quatman v. Raceway Ford, Inc. (Fourth Appellate District, Division Two) (July 20, 2005), was handed down yesterday. In Quatman, the unaffected plaintiff's UCL claim was reduced to judgment before Proposition 64 passed. The defendant's appeal was pending, but only from the attorneys' fees award, not from the underlying judgment itself. The Court of Appeal explained:
Here, Quatman’s claims under the Unfair Competition Law progressed to final judgment on the merits. No appeal was taken from such judgment. Instead, this appeal is limited to the amount which the trial court awarded to Quatman for his attorney fees and costs. Because there has been no challenge to the merits of the judgment, it stands. While it is true that, in an appeal from a postjudgment order awarding attorney fees we may review the entitlement to, as well as the amount of, the fees awarded [citation], here, the entitlement to the fees vested upon the vesting of Quatman’s claims under the Unfair Competition Law. [citation] Accordingly, the passage of Proposition 64 has not affected Quatman’s standing to continue his pursuit of attorney fees and costs.
(Slip op. at 4-5.)
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