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Tuesday, January 04, 2005
"Blogging the Law"
Yesterday's Sacramento Bee had this piece (scroll down) about yours truly and this blog! Welcome, Sacramento Bee readers!

As an aside, the blog passed the 10,000 hits mark this morning. I've been tracking hits since April, and yesterday was the biggest total hits day by far, with nearly 450.
I admit that I frequently check in to get the latest updates on prop 64 - often e-mailing others to keep up on the latest updates and rulings - This is a great blog and I truly appreciate the cumulative amount of information I have received from you. Thank you very much - you have made my job so much easier! Keep up the great work - Hopefully I will have something more substantive to contribute within the next month with the rulings on some of our own 17200 cases. Thanks to this blog and the information I have received herein I am much more confident that we will obtain a favorable outcome against the retroactive application of Prop. 64. Thanks again for such comprehensive coverage of this issue
Jennifer, thank you for your kind words! I'm so glad you've found the blog helpful. Good luck with your cases.
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