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Tuesday, July 27, 2004
"Insomniac's Search for a Good Night's Sleep Leads to Suit"
Today's Daily Journal has this article on a new UCL action against the manufacturer of Craftmatic beds. The article reads, in part:
A veteran of 80 consumer class actions, [plaintiffs' attorney Mark A.] Chavez [of Chavez & Gertler in Mill Valley] maintained the case is a solid one, even though he conceded private attorney general actions have lost much of their righteous luster in the Golden State.

Specifically, Chavez acknowledged that private attorney general lawsuits are under a lingering cloud these days because of the antics of Beverly Hills' Trevor Law Group. That now-defunct firm earned universal opprobrium because it filed thousands of frivolous private attorney general, unfair competition lawsuits against small businesses. ....

Nonetheless, Chavez said the Craftmatic case will, "hopefully, do some good."

The article goes on to explain that the Ohio Attorney General filed suit against Craftmatic last December due to its "high pressures sales tactics" and "false advertising," in particular against the elderly. The article further reports that AARP's legal arm has also become involved, in hopes that the UCL case will result in an injunction prohibiting the inappropriate sales tactics Craftmatic allegedly directs toward the elderly.
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