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Saturday, September 10, 2005
Third District holds Prop. 64 retroactive in unpublished opinion
On Thursday, the Third District Court of Appeal issued its eagerly-awaited opinion in Petrini Van & Storage v. Superior Court (no. C049042). The opinion, which is unpublished, is not yet available on the Court of Appeal's website, but I'm happy to be able to say that a reader sent me a copy of it yesterday afternoon.

Another reader, who attended the oral argument, correctly predicted that the Court would hold that Prop. 64 applies retroactively to pending cases. Justice Sims filed a concurrence expressing the view that "the plain meaning of language enacted by Proposition 64 says that its standing requirement applies to pending actions." Slip op., concurrence at 1. For reasons I've already explained, I respectfully disagree. The concurrence quotes a single word from Prop. 64—"prosecuted"—without mentioning the other language in Prop. 64 that creates doubt and ambiguity about the electorate's intent. It would be as logical to isolate the word "bringing" and conclude therefrom that the electorate expressly intended prospective application.
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