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Friday, September 09, 2005
Supreme Court extends its deadline to grant review in McCann v. Lucky Money
On August 25, the Supreme Court gave itself additional time—through October 5—to decide whether to grant review in McCann v. Lucky Money, Inc., no. S134874. McCann is another case in which the Court of Appeal's discussion of Proposition 64 was unpublished. This activity leads me to wonder why in the world didn't the Supreme Court also grant review in Frey v. Trans Union Corp. (no. S133272) (which it depublished instead), Duran v. Superior Court (May Dept. Stores) (no. S132689), MasterCard Int'l, Inc. v. Superior Court (no. S131416), and Foundation Aiding the Elderly v. Superior Court (no. S133293)? Maybe the Court likes to be enigmatic.
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