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Thursday, August 25, 2005
Prop. 64 oral argument tomorrow in Sacramento
Tomorrow at 9:30, the Third District will hear oral argument in Petrini Van & Storage v. Superior Court, no. C049042. As you may recall, the trial judge in this case (Loren McMaster) issued one of the most detailed and best-reasoned orders holding that Prop. 64 does NOT apply retroactively to pending cases. The order specifically invited appellate review under Code of Civil Procedure section 166.1, and the Third District issued an alternative writ in March. With all the recent activity in the Supreme Court, the Prop. 64 question might not be as important to the appellate panel as it would have been a few months ago, but the argument should still be quite interesting. This will be the first ruling from the Third District on Prop. 64 retroactivity. Calling all Sacramento practitioners: if you attend and send me a report, I'd love to put it up.
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