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Tuesday, May 10, 2005
New pending appeal involving Prop. 64: Quatman v. Raceway Ford
Many thanks to the reader who informed me of another pending Prop. 64 appeal: The Fourth Appellate District, Division Two, has a unique procedure whereby it issues tentative opinions before oral argument. It is the only appellate court that I've heard of that does this, and I mean nationally. It's actually quite helpful in preparing for oral argument before this Division, as other appellate practitioners have acknowledged. I haven't seen a copy of the tentative opinion in this case, but the appeal has been added to my list of Prop. 64 pending appeals.
They actually will denote whether it will be published in their tentative opinion. Their is a big pending published "tentative opinion" on meal periods in a case called Orco Block. The oral argument is in June but the tentative came our "designated for publication" in April.
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