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Thursday, May 05, 2005
Activity continues in the First District
Recent developments in the Supreme Court do not appear to have impeded the progress of pending appeals in the First District. On Monday, Division One granted the petitioners leave to file a reply to the real party's return in Hartford Fire Ins. Co. v. Superior Court (First Appellate District, Division One, case no. A109257). The reply will be due on May 17. And on Tuesday, May 3, Division Five denied, without opinion, the respondent's motion to dismiss the appeal in Dunham v. Memberworks, Inc. (First Appellate District, Division Five, case no. A107261). You may recall that Division Five summarily denied the writ petition challenging Judge Kramer's order in Mastercard Int'l, Inc. v. Superior Court (California Law Inst.) (Fifth First Appellate District, Division Five, case no. A108995). And Mastercard, of course, is one of the cases in which the Supreme Court denied review last week.
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