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Wednesday, April 06, 2005
Looking for a Job? Prop. 64 forces AG to expand its ranks of environmental lawyers
A reader kindly passed on this information:
I attended a Sacramento County Bar Public Law & Administrative Law Section Joint luncheon today, at which Bill Lockyer, Attorney General of the State of California, spoke on "Raise the Shields: Environmental Protection in a Post-Proposition 64 California."

While he certainly seems committed to protecting the environment, he spent very little time speaking about the effect of Prop 64. However, for any of your readers who may be interested, his main point seemed to be that Prop 64 was resulting in the AG’s office having a much heavier environmental case load than before, as private litigators have been foreclosed from handling non-monetary injury cases. He clearly stated that the AG’s office will be hiring many more environmental law attorneys.

Thought you might want to pass that tidbit along to any 17200 practitioner who is interested in working for the AG’s office.

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