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Thursday, September 23, 2004
Proposition 64 pros and cons
Today's Daily Journal has a pair of articles debating the merits of Proposition 64. Unfortunately, there are no links to these articles on its website. The article supporting Proposition 64 is by Professor Robert C. Fellmeth of the University of San Diego School of Law: "Ballot Measure Administers Arsenic Where Small Dose of Ipacac Will Do." The article against the measure is by Michael Newman, an associate at Barger & Wolen in Los Angeles: "Initiative Is Sensible Attempt to Rein In a Terribly Problematic State Law."

The Daily Journal also reports this morning on a press conference held yesterday by the California Chamber of Commerce in Sacramento. The article, "Tort Reformers Bring Out Poster Child," also has no link. (Missing and broken links are unusual for the Daily Journal; I'll check back and see if they add the links later. If so, I will update this post.) (UPDATE: The links to the above articles have now been added, along with another article addressing the UCL: "'Headwaters' Could Head Off Private Attorney General Suits.")
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