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Wednesday, July 21, 2004
"Local advocacy group urges end to frivolous suit"
Here's another recent article on Proposition 64 (via Freespace).  Although this was not its intent, the article demonstrates that the authorities already have the power, under existing regulatory mechanisms, to stop UCL abuses such as those the Trevor Law Group lawyers were accused of.
I have been waiting for you to post some direct or indirect comments about the upcoming Prop 64.

Would you care to share your feelings on this measure and/or provide your own personal feelings regarding what is needed to reform the obvious abuses that do occur through 17200?
Another note, although there are mechanisms to punish marauding lawyers out there, I am sure that gives little consolation to the small businessman who just got taken for a ride to the tune of 2,000-10,000 dollars and will most likely never get that money back, regardless of what the attorney general does to crooks like those found in the Trevor Law Group.

I am concerned about leaving matters solely in the hands of public prosecutors who seem to always be undermanned and overburdened. I would think that there is some middle ground that would deter the crooks and allow the public prosecutors to spend time going after arguably more important matters.
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